The broken two-toe tour rages on

Well, we managed to make it to Boston and back without completely tearing down the city. It was a close one though … We are actually just starting to recover, rediscovering things like the Internet. And work. And sleeping.

No but seriously, we had a great time playing in this swanky little corner of town, and can’t wait to get back down there for our second show, on August 17. Thank you to the Boston Waterfront¬†Renaissance¬†Hotel for having us! Maybe Justin won’t drink all the beer next time …

CCam’s sister, Charis, managed to snag this pretty cool video of a jam into “Don’t Take It Personal.” Check it out yo.

BUT WAIT. The Two-Tone Tour is anything but over. This weekend we’re back in Portland at a favorite hometown hole in the wall, Amigos. It’s free, it’s outside, and it’s ska music.