Back-to-back Reggae Sundays

el grande mash it up ska festExciting shows on the horizon!! But first, we’d like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who came out to Portland’s first Mash it Up Ska Fest at the Big Easy last Saturday. It was great to see the younger crowd at the earlier, all ages show, and the crazy ska party that carried into the later hours of the night. Bim Skala Bim put on a great performance, and we hope they can make it back up this way sometime soon. Long live Portland ska!

el grande reggae sunday portland maine

NEXT, we will be playing ‘Reggae Sunday’ at Jones Landing out on Peaks Island for the next two Sundays in a row, so catch a quick, 15-minute ferry ride across Casco Bay to come see us. The last Reggae Sunday of the year is labor day weekend, Sept. 1, so come out while you can!

The event and more details about this show can be found here.


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